• More than 20 per cent of the world's population has no access to safe drinking water. Over half of all deaths in developing countries can be attributed to unsafe drinking water.
  • Only 2.5 per cent of the world's water reserves are freshwater. And only 0.5 per cent is available for drinking.
  • According to the International Groundwater Resources Assesment Centre (IGRAC), 16 per cent of the total land area of the earth has saline groundwater  and 1.1 bn people live in areas with groundwater salinity at shallow and intermediate depths.
  • By 2025 it is forecast that two thirds of the world's population will live in countries classified as ‘water-stressed’.


At Aquiva we activly work on making the UN millennium goals a reality. We believe water is an integral part of humanity that no one, regardless of geographical location, should be denied. Every human being should have access to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic use.


The Goal of Aquiva is to not rely on the last remaining fresh water aquifers and surface water, but to tap into the vast resources of salty ground and sea waters. We will employ a micro finance approach of charity to empower people in developing countries with sustainable technology to generate clean water for personal, industrial and agricultural use.


We will focus our efforts in the fast growing problem areas where no fresh water is available and therefore desalination is the only possible means to get access to safe drinking water.


The objective of the Aquiva Foundation is to develop, test and implement sustainable water solutions for developing communities and countries. We will work very closely with existing aid organizations and governments at the local and international level.


Our goal is to proactively work to create a mutual framework of joint interests and incentives. The way we see it, if we can empower people in communities to establsih profitable desalination systems by providing them with the technology, training and support, we are giving them long-term sustainable answers to their water needs. Part of the revenues will go back into the local community and part will be reinvested in further projects to create similar solutions for more people around the world.  

The Aquiva Foundation Solution


The goal of Aquiva Foundation is to provide safe drinking water at an affordable price through the desalination of salty ground or sea water. By doing this it is not competing with existing sweet water usage patterns and rights.



Aquiva Foundation puts a special emphasis on producing the water locally. This saves costs on transport and middle men while at the same time creating local employment and ownership of this essential resource. The local creation and consumption of the water saves also energy on transport creates work for the local men and women and it allows for a distribution of the water in reusable containers which are circulated in a closed loop. Distribution of drinking water in pipes is in our view not an option in hot climates because of the risk of bacterial contamination.



The desalination of the sea water is ideally done in co-generation with energy so that the waste heat of the energy creation process can be used for the process. This can be done with generators, incinerators for waste burning, solar, geothermal or biogas plants. Typically only 50% of the energy input gets transformed into electrical power with the remaining energy cooled away. This is the thermal waste energy which Aquiva Foundation harvests for the desalination of water.



The plants which Aquiva Foundation employs are robust and easy to maintain so that they can be looked after by the same personnel which operates for example the generators. The use of non corrosive all plastic elements and the lack of high pressure ensures that even repairs can be done by local personnel.



The purity of the water is essential to the acceptance and willingness of people to actually pay for the water. The Aquiva Foundation water is created from distilled water with a conductivity of less than 5 micro Siemens. This is continuously monitored and represents a value which is by magnitudes better than water created with traditional technologies. In order to underline the local flavor of the water, Aquiva Foundation mineralizes it with local minerals where possible.



The social responsibility of the Aquiva Foundation concept plays an important role in the acceptance by the population: The revenues from Aquiva water do not help to maximize profit of some far away shareholders but will be used to finance more water projects, ideally in the same area.


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